Hello, and welcome!
While I am updating my website, I made this page as a quick selection of my latest and
the most favorite projects. Here you can find some branding, print and digital publishing, animation and video content, event graphics, etc. Hope you enjoy it! :)
Organista. Branding. Print & Digital.
Organista is a Swedish brand with the ambition to make packing and organizing easy. Winter 2019 I became a part of the Organista team. For the next three months, we have been working closely both on print and digital materials, from gift cards, planners, and packaging to newsletters and social media content. Our goal was to create an engaging brand identity, with a focus on clear communication and consistency. As a result of our work, we were grateful to receive an outstanding feedback and support from our customers.

Photo by Linn Herbertsson & Ida Thun
Oriflame. Events. Print & Digital.
Summer 2019 we have been working on the Oriflame Gold Conference with more than 3000+ participants from all over the world. My responsibility was to support the Global Sales Department and Art Director in creating event-related graphic materials such as press-walls, banners, menus, displays, and content for social media.

Also, I was working on the in-house communication and created brochures and flyers for Skin Research Institute, Starter kit, and Success plan for newcomers.

Video and photo by Oriflame
Morjas. Social media. Digital.
This is a part of my work case for Morjas, a Stockholm-based shoe brand. With a focus
on clear communication, I have created 3 specific icons and logo animation for Morjas Instagram.
Packaging. Collection.
This is a small collection of my favorite packaging projects.
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