Morjas. Work case.
Hello, Henrik! How are you?
I hope everything is great and you would be excited to hear that I have finished the work case! Thank you for this incredible opportunity to get to know Morjas and for watching my project. I hope you enjoy it :)
Case: Shoe image - environment.

To complete this task, I decided to work with the Instagram page. Emphasizing Morjas's clean and natural way of communication and being inspired by Morjas's photoshoots, I created 3 images with the focus on clean lines, textures, and soft color tones. Also, there are some examples of how they could be presented in the Instagram feed.
Case: Instagram icons.

Working closely with the brand and specifically the product, I created these 3 icons for Morjas highlights.

Shoe icon would represent the information about the product itself, current collections, product images from current photoshoots, etc.

Ruler icon would represent the size guide for the customer. As Morjas is an online brand and Instagram is one of the most valuable selling platforms, it could be an important step to share the additional information with the customers such as size guide, care guide, delivery, etc.

Shoe box icon would represent the Giving Back program with the ambition to share this positive social initiative. This is a "giving" box with the letter "j" ribbon detail that was taken from the logo.
Case: Shoe image - characteristics.

To complete this task, I worked with the website image of The Derby Burgundy Calf. I took 4 characteristics with the focus on quality from the product page, and build a connection with the image using clean lines and shapes.
The layout is adjustable depends on how much information should be shown on the image or where it should be used.
Case: Animated GIF.

Being inspired by the Morjas logo, I created this "moving letters" animation as a puzzle which in the end brings the right order from the chaos.
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